Founded on November 28th, 1970, in Campo Mourão, in the center-western region of the State of Paraná, by a group of 79 farmers, Coamo is a strong cooperative that guarantees safe and solidity, promoting the economic, technic, education and social development to its associates. The cooperative owns nowadays 118 warehouses of reception located in 68 Municipalities of the States of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso do Sul for receipt of agricultural products of its more than 28 thousand associates.

Receiving 7.04 million tons of agricultural products, Coamo was responsible in 2016, for 3.5% of Brazilian grain and fiber productions, demonstrating its strategic importance in the production of foods in national and international extent, faithfully fulfilling its social objectives. The cooperative has a storage capacity of 6.173.794 tons to meet the needs of its members and has in soy its main product received, followed by corn, wheat, coffee and others.

The industrialization of received products has as its main objective to add value to the associates´ production, and it is made in an industrial park composed of soybean crushing industries, shortening and margarine factory, refined soybean oil industry, cotton spinning mills, wheat mill and roasting and grinding coffee. In Paranaguá, at the coast of the State of Paraná, Coamo maintains its sea terminal.

The 7.343 permanent employees with their professional skills are responsible for handling the cooperative operations and activities.
During its 46 years old, Coamo has kept a constant growing based on union, work and in search of technological improvement to full development of its activities. The cooperative understands that technology comes to benefit the quality of life and the development of human being, as well as to propitiate the productivity growing. For that it created, develops and applies technologies not only in tiling the land, but also in the operations of receipt, standardization, storage and industrialization of products of its associates.
This way, Coamo harvest the results of technological advancements in its activities, resulting in the improvement of social and economic status of its associates, one of the main objectives of cooperative system.


Revenue: R$ 11.445.569.607,00

Billing: R$ 10.823.634.853,00

Surplus: R$ 855.299.611,00

Distributed Surplus: R$ 338.266.845,00

Total assets: R$ 8.526.755.606,00

Liquid patrimony: R$ 4.194.587.510,00

Export in US$: 1.031.945.293,00

Export in ton: 3.316.702

Foods "Coamo": R$ 984.144.838,00

Revenues goods supply: R$ 3.327.123.941,00

Investments: R$ 297.008.670,00

Taxes, Fees and Contributions: R$ 428.993.079,00

Due to an expressive participation in the Brazilian business scenery, Coamo has been distinguished nationally, having received several awards, which we quote:

Export Ranking: The 47th largest export company of country; 1st of the State of Paraná.

Exame Magazine – Edition The Best and Largest in 2017.

- The 42nd company of Brazil (among all government, multinational and private companies established in the country).

- The 13th largest company from the trade sector of Brazil.

- The 6th largest company from the agribusiness sector of Brazil.

- The 20th largest exporter of Brazil.

- The 1st company truly from the State of Paraná and 1th largest from the State of Parana in general ranking.

- The 2nd largest company of South Region.

Globo Rural 2016: Prize "Indústria de soja e óleo" and “Campeã das Campeãs”, in awards promoted by the magazine in São Paulo.

Dinheiro Rural Magazine: Champion of "Cooperatives" sector and elected “The best Brazilian company of agribusiness” the award for Best Money.

Isto É Dinheiro Magazine: in "The Best of Money", Coamo is the champion of "Cooperatives" sector.

Trophy Onda Verde e 23º Ecology Expression Award: design for sustainable exploitation of the clay discharged in the oil refining for the production of bricks.

A Granja Magazine: Prize "A Granja do Ano" given by the Magazine "A Granja" of Porto Alegre, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, as the high-light of "Cooperative Sector".

Top of Mind Tomorrow Magazine: Award "Top of Mind 2016" – the Cooperative most remembered by people of the State of Paraná, prized by Tomorrow Magazine.

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