Founded on November 28th, 1970, by a group of 79 farmers in Campo Mourão, Midwest Region of the State of Paraná, Coamo is a Strong, solid and secure, promoting economic, technical, educational and social development to its associates. The company currently owns 111 unities spread along 71 counties in the States of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso do Sul, meant to receive the farming production of its more than 29 thousand associates. Coamo’s 8.095 employees, with their functional skills, are responsible for conducting the cooperative"s operations and activities.

In 2020, Coamo was responsible for 3,1% of the whole Brazilian grain production, which shows its strategic importance at national and international food production. The cooperative has a storage capacity of 6.591.711 tonnes to meet the need of all its associates, having soy as its main received product, followed by corn, wheat, coffee and others.

The industrialization of the received products aims to add value to the production of the associates, and it happens in two manufacturing facilities. One located in Campo Mourão (PR), composed of soybean crushing industries, vegetable fat and margarine factory, refined soybean oil industry, cotton spinning mills, wheat mill and coffee roasting and grinding. And the other facility is located in Dourados (MS), composed of a soybean processing industry, soy meal and oil production, and a refinery. In Paranaguá, on the coast of the State of Paraná, Coamo keeps a marine terminal.

Therefore, Coamo benefits from technological progress on its activities, which results in the improvement of the associate’s social and economic status.




Overall Revenue: 20.003.524.461,00


Net Profit:,00

Distributed Profit: 503.255.744,16

Total Assets: 12.254.938.855,00

Net Worth: 6.225.779.720,00

Exportation (US$): 1.523.815.018,00

Exportation (tonnes): 4.604.584

Coamo Foods Revenue (R$):  2.271.668.876,00

Goods Supplying Revenue: 5.144.737.536,00

Investments: 414.803.788,00

Collection of Taxes: 466.957.821,00

COAMO Agroindustrial Cooperativa

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Campo Mourão - PR

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